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Bamboo Coral Multistrand Bracelet

Bamboo Coral Multistrand Bracelet

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Bamboo Coral Bracelet, Red & Gold Bracelet, Multistrand Bracelet, Handbeaded Bracelet, Bamboo Coral Bracelet, Red Coral Bracelet

This handbeaded 3-strand bracelet features a strand of red bamboo coral, a strand of golden seed beads with metallic gold crystals, and a strand of golden chain (gold-plated). Bamboo coral is found in our oceans and consists of calcium carbonate.

NOTE: This is not coral that is endangered and protected that is found in our coral reefs, these are harvested from more hearty, sustainable coral branches (corallium japonicum). Each piece of coral is carved then dyed this gorgeous red. I finish this bracelet with a GP slide-lock clasp. Bracelet is 6.5"

Beautiful handmade jewelry. Handmade Jewelry



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