What on Earth is a Moissanite Diamond?

What on Earth is a Moissanite Diamond?



Our fine jewelry selection features the gemstone, Moissanite. As you can see, the clarity and brilliance of this stone rivals diamond. I must stress that even though this is usually referred to as a Moissanite Diamond, this is NOT a diamond, but a gemstone all its own. 

Moissanite is sweetly called “the Space Diamond”. Why? Because the first deposits were found in a meteorite crater. In 1893, the discoverer, Henri Moissan, winner of a Nobel Prize for chemistry, at first thought they were diamonds, due to their brilliance and strong similarity to the precious jewel, diamond. But he soon found out that moissanite, unlike diamond, is silicon carbide based, whereas diamond is carbon based.

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Moissanite is a naturally occurring stone, usually found around meteorite craters.  It was soon found out that moissanite actually forms here on Earth too.  However, moissanite is a very rare gem, even more rare than diamonds. It was originally discovered in Alaska, but there have been deposits found in Russia, Israel, Wyoming and Czechoslovakia, with the largest deposits found in Israel. It is so rare that most of the moissanite that is used is actually lab-grown, so everyone can experience the beauty and brilliance of a rare moissanite gem that is a fraction of the price of a diamond, and...this is my favorite part...ETHICALLY SOURCED.  In 1998, the love of moissanite began to grow as a beautiful alternative to diamonds.

The Qualities of Moissanite:


Moissanite: 2.65-2.69
Diamond: 2.42

FIRE DISPERSION (dispersion of a jewel’s refraction combined with the stones cut design results in the breaking of light rays and is measured by the amount of colored flash when viewed through various lighting scenarios)

Moissanite: 0.104
Diamond: 0.044

LUSTRE: (The amount of light that is reflected back at the viewer from the surface of the stone.)

Moissanite: 20.4%
Diamond: 17.2%

HARDNESS (DURABILITY) (resistance to chipping or cracking, as well as how the brilliance and fire of a jewel can be made more brilliant with a series of the right artistic cuts.

Moissanite: 9.25
Diamond: 10

So as you can see by just the few facts above, Moissanite has a better brilliance, better luster and just a touch less hardness than diamond.

Moissanite is becoming an increasingly popular gemstone. Because natural moissanite is rare, most moissanite diamonds are lab-grown, and no mining is involved, which is great for eco-conscious people that want to reduce our carbon footprint on Earth. 

Moissanite is becoming the preferred stone in wedding rings, engagement rings and other jewelry pieces due to not only their brilliance, but also their affordability and ethical way they are created,  A diamond ring with a 1 carat stone can cost upwards between $3,000 to as high as $26,000 and even more.  A  moissanite stone can start at a fraction of that, with prices starting at about $80 and upwards, depending on size, cut, clarity, design, and setting. 

All in all, In spite of the science, which is all very interesting, it is the brilliance of the stone, the overall lower price, and the very low carbon footprint that makes the “Space Diamond" an ever increasing desirable gemstone. Our soon to arrive Moissanite Jewelry Collection is one of the most beautiful, with so many pieces to choose from. Take a look and thank you for visiting!

Until next time! Toodles!

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