Introduction to Patricia Bowe Designs: Beadweaver Dreams

Introduction to Patricia Bowe Designs: Beadweaver Dreams

When I was a little girl, I used to be so jealous of my two brothers, my dad and my uncles who could just put pencil (or crayon) to paper and create the most wonderful pictures without seeming to try. Me? I could barely draw a stick figure. It seemed to me that only the men were the artists in the family. So I believed that I had no artistic talent.

Years later, I became really interested in the needle arts, from sewing to crochet and knitting. It was when I was presented with a kiddie jewelry machine when I was about 10 that I became introduced to the beading world.

In these past 19 or so years, my interest was piqued once again. I began ingesting everything related to beadweaving, from Native American looming and weaving, to intricate bead embroidery, to Zulu beadweaving and Kumihimo. I my love of jewelry has even expanded to the vintage inspired realm.  I can spend hours in bead shops, marvel at colorful beaded museum treasure pieces, spend hours on websites looking for the most unusual and vintage components and swoon over crystals and gemstones (I loved geology as a child). It took no time for this fascination to turn into a most loved hobby.

I invite you to come in and take a little time to view my artwork. I am still evolving, taking my inspiration from nature, unusual abstract patterns, really anything that strikes me as interesting. There is love and joy in every piece I make. Each jewelry piece is made with different techniques, hand-stitched in different patterns, created and accented with a host of materials from hundreds of tiny beads to crystals to pearls and gemstones and vintage components. Each item can take  a day, weeks or even months to complete. The majority of these pieces are one of a kind, meaning that purchasing a cuff bracelet for example, you will be receiving a piece of wearable art that no one else will have. I have put time, love and joy into each creation.

So I invite you to stay awhile. I hope that spending a little time here you come away with just a little bit of the love and joy that I felt in their creation, and that in wearing them you are infused with that love and joy.

Visit my YouTube Channel: Beadweaver Dreams!
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